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    Wink Sex in the Graveyard

    I meant to post this a week ago but there's been so much drama around here (in my life) I could have started my own theatre group. LOL

    Here's something for everyone to try over the weekend

    Sex in the Graveyard: Vodka, Rum, Blueberry Schnapps, Apple Schnapps, Blue Curacao, Rasberry Liqueur, Cranberry juice, Orange juice>>

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    That's a lot of alcohol in one drink. Better not have too many of those. I'm sure you'd get drunk fairly quickly.

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    Oh yeah. It's kind of like a Long Island Ice Tea. It fills up the glass. I only use a splash of each of the liquors and end up with almost half a glass of juice. That's my preference.

    If I make it for my friend Terry, you end up with more alcohol and only about 3/4 juice. LOL Then again, he is six foot six. He can handle it

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