Evening all. I'm Janet, and I write all kinds of stuff. Mostly sci-fi and horror/suspense. Weird combo, I know. But I do have a few short stories out in the worlds. Not many because I'm so long winded when it comes to writing. Always impresses me when someone can enter a contest where the limit on the word count is 5000 words...and they stay under it with a complete story.

My first book is called After. It's about a virus created by the government that gets inadvertantly released and wipes out three quarters of the population on the planet before anyone knows what hit them. Because of this, technology disappears. The world has reverted to medieval like times where the sword rules and transportation is by horse.

Here's a blurb:

After a virus is accidentally released on an unsuspecting world,

After the death of their parents and a large percentage of the planet's population,

After the twins—Shyanne and Drayco—survive, only to watch all technological For the other, it is a living nightmare.

The Boss wants Shyanne badly. Why...they don't know. But they're going to find out. With their animal companion, a genetically altered mountain lion named Drizzle, the twins embark on a cross-country journey.

They encounter many obstacles along the way. The worst is a mercenary named Ruben. He will stop at nothing to accomplish what he is paid to do, even if it involves killing his own men.

Unfortunately, he succeeds in capturing Shyanne.

Now Drayco must survive his biggest challenge, a challenge filled with pain and suffering, if he is to help his sister survive the Boss.