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    I am pleased with the first reviews for my psychological thriller. Here they are!
    Beneath all the bright lights, glitter, and glamour of Las Vegas beats the heart
    of a sociopath.
    In most novels you have to wait until the end for the “whodunit,” but in Mask of
    the Betrayer, you know
    from the beginning, but must keep reading to learn
    why he’s killing off all his family members, and how
    someone is going to finally stop him.
    Mask of the Betrayer is filled with so many twists, turns and surprises, you’ll be
    hooked from the first chapter.
    An amazing cast of characters lend to the tension and suspense, and even if you read
    with an editorial eye, you probably won’t mind that the POV shifts from one paragraph
    to another in places.
    Supposedly, only NY-rated writers could pull this off, but Ms. Donovan proves that
    rumor to be a fallacy.
    You can find this book for sale at
    Whimsical Publications
    You can find out more about this awesome author on her website

    Posted by Ginger Simpson The Examiner
    Read full review here:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A psycological Thriller To Blow You Away, June 16, 2010
    Mary R
    This review is from: Mask of the Betrayer (Paperback)
    I just finished Sharon Donovan's Mask of The Betrayer and it blew me away.
    I couldn't put it down and kept thinking. What would I do?????
    One of the best reads I have had in an awfully long time!

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Have a strong heart and mind when reading this one!, June 11, 2010
    Miss Mae "I read what I write..."
    (USA) -
    This review is from: Mask of the Betrayer (Paperback)
    Have you ever watched a really scary, creepy movie where the heroine is all alone
    in this spooky house, and goose-bumpy music is playing, and the heroine reaches for
    a door where the bad guy is lurking, and you're sitting on the edge of your seat
    screaming, "Don't do it! Don't do it! Don't do it!" That's how you feel throughout
    this book. You're wanting to tell Margot, "Don't believe him! Run away! Why are you
    sticking around?"
    And I won't tell you the reasons why she does -- Again, read the book, and find out
    Could this book become a movie, and Michael DeVeccio the next Freddy Krueger? Oh,
    yeah, but don't ask me to watch it. The book terrified me all by itself.

    Read full review here:
    Mask of the Betrayer
    Sharon Donovan


    Sharon Donovan
    Romantic Suspense with a Twist of Faith

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