This thread is another opportunity to win a signed book....I'll be selecting a winner from among the posted replies to this thread and the winner may choose between a copy of Fire at Midnight and Stolen Promise as their prize.

Books...this is definitely a favorite topic of mine! Anna Rose posted on another thread that her enthusiasm with books was spurred by reading Charlotte's Web as a child. That's a book we have in common because I was also profoundly affected by the worry over Wilbur's fate when I read the book as a child.

I'm also a movie fan, but I find reading to be such a unique, personal experience that it surpasses the film experience for me. There is something about processing the flow of language and ideas, imaging the people and the settings in a story that makes reading a good book such a special experience.

Do you remember the first book you read that made a lasting impression on you? Do you read only romance, or do you read other genres, too?

Why does one book end up on your "keeper" shelf and not another?