Sugar-free Orange Chiffon Cheese Cake
2 cups Graham cracker crumbs
8 tablespoons light margarine, melted
3 sugar substitutes
1 cup orange juice
1 envelope sugar free orange gelatin
8 oz. Light cream cheese
1 cup reduced fat ricotta cheese
12 individual packages of sugar substitute
2 cups light cool whip
Coat pie pan with vegetable spray
Blend crushed Graham crackers, butter, and 2 packages of sugar substitute. Pat mixture on bottom and half way up side of pan.
Bake for eight minutes at 350
Cool thoroughly
Place orange juice and jelatin in sauce pan and cook for three minutes, stirring constantly
Add 12 sugar substitutes, cream cheese, ricotta cheese, and cool whip
Whip in blender until smooth
Pour into pie crust and chill for 6 to 8 hours
Be certain Cool Whip is thawed completely for best results

Sugar free chocolate pudding can be substituted. Just whip up and pour into crust. Mmm...ambrosia!

Sharon Donovan
Romantic Suspense with a Twist of Faith