Struck By Conscience (short novella) Book 1 in the Faery Guardian Series

I, Charisma Mansfield, do solemnly swear that... I never asked to be popular. I never asked to be voted Prom Queen. I definitely never asked to have an invisible pixie perched on my shoulder whispering her opinions into my ear 24/7. But of all the things I never asked for, this is the worst one yet—when brooding but gorgeous Heath Ruvelas (my next door neighbor and the guy I used to be best friends with before jr. high) rescued me from drowning in the school pool. My already bizarre life would never be the same.

Review: 4 Hearts from The Romance Studio

I enjoyed this whimsical short story with the endearingly realistic characters. I felt a solid connection with the heroine. Charisma is someone whom most of her school mates would love to trade places with, but popularity doesn't guarantee happiness. Heath is a fantastic hero, how can you help but fall for a guy who saves a drowning young woman? I admired how complex he was; sensitive and explosive, angry and tender. This was a charming escape from my day. I look forward to seeing what else this author has to offer. I think this is a great addition to any YA lover's bookshelf.