"I found myself deeply involved in this story, unwilling to put it down for any length of time until I found out what was going to happen! If you love danger, intrigue, and rapidly developing plots that rush the characters toward a dramatic ending, you will love Predetermined Endings!"

~Manic Readers

"...There are many sets of characters in this book who are all developed brilliantly! They became so real that I could feel their pain and triumphs! You don't want to miss this book! I can't wait to see what Destiny writes next!"

~Goodreads Review by Lisa
[FONT='Times New Roman', Times, serif]"...If you want romance, mystery, and action, look no further for your perfect read...With recurring characters from the first in the series, Altered Beginnings, Predetermined Endings blends the old and new characters together quite nicely. The Outer Banks series offers intriguing story lines, and memorable characters that keep you hooked and wanting to read more."[/font]

~Jennifer Brown
Author of In Jen's Words: Facing the Issues (2010)

"...The author is a talented suspense writer... I would recommend this book to a friend..."

~ Coffee Time Romance & More