Fennel at Long and Short Reviews gave it 4 ˝ out of 5 Books:
One of the final twists in the plot creates a heart-warming and totally unexpected ending that ensures the reader will go searching for more of Anne Patrick’s books. For those who enjoy sweet, inspirational romance, this is a book for you. For those who enjoy romantic suspense, you will not be disappointed. And for those who enjoy TOT (Triumph over Tragedy) stories, this is a book that has it all.

Sherry Gloag at Good Reads rated it 4 Stars:
There are a lot of false clues is this story which keeps the reader turning the pages. Her main characters are inspirational, and strong. Erin's capacity to overcome all life's setbacks left me feeling kinda inadequate!! LOL but I liked her well enough to read to the end of the book. I enjoyed the misdirection that comes about by the genuinely presented wrong conclusions of all the main players at the start of the book. It makes the story eminently believable. The supporting cast of characters each played their parts to perfection. If you enjoy sweet romances packed with action, intrigue and malice then Anne Patrick is an author to follow. And this prolific writing will keep you well occupied throughout the year, she has so many new books scheduled for 2010 and a couple more pending in 2011.

Sherry Kuhn at Love 2 Read Novels said this:
This was a great read! I loved the chemistry between Logan and Erin. Erin was a great character. Even though she had been through so much herself she had a big heart and lots of love for others. She was doubting her faith but you could certainly relate as to why that was. Logan was a to-die-for hero. His soft and gentle ways sure won my heart! He had such a strong faith and inner strength. I loved all the secondary characters as well. I found myself caring about these people as I read the story. Anne Patrick has an easy writing style that draws you into the story and makes you feel like you're living it with the characters. There was a twist and turn at the end that I never saw coming. I love that! I recommend you pick up a copy of Lethal Dreams.

Lee Smith at Good Reads gave it 4 Stars:
The relationship evolves naturally and is fun to watch. There is some tension, but this is a tame romance. The author labels her books as "Sweet" and I think that's appropriate. She doesn't limit herself with solving the one mystery of who is trying to kill Erin. There are mysteries that come up during the course of their investigation and a surprise or two as well. :o) This is a well-paced suspense novel. I didn't find any part of it lagging - but it also didn't feel like a runaway train.

Supsenselover (B&N review) said this:
This was my second Anne Patrick book. I loved Journey to Redemption but Lethal Dreams really tugged at my heart. Erin has had some hard knocks in life that has left her a little bitter with good reason. Logan, the kind of hero every woman dreams about, is just the man to soften her up. I really enjoyed how the romance played out and the suspense did justice to this author's brand of, 'Edge of Your Seat Suspense'. Ms Patrick has a unique writing style that I love, and I look forward to more books written by her. If you're looking for a suspenseful read with some 'sweet' romance, you can't go wrong with Lethal Dreams. Awesome job, Ms Patrick

JudyT from the eHarlequin community board gave it 5 Hearts!
A "sweet" or "inspirational" suspense (depending from which publisher you take your definition). Dr. Erin Jacobs is a sports physical therapist. She stumbles on a crime scene where two officers have been shot, Detective Logan Sinclair and his partner. The story is well paced; the characters are engaging; and there are some great twists and turns. I'm looking forward to reading more of Anne Patrick's stories; she's now on my must-buy list. Brava!

Gail at GoodReads gave it 5 Stars
This psychological mystery has more ups and downs and twists and turns than a roller coaster. The characters, who are involved in the medical profession, the high stakes game of football, law enforcement and the ministry are intriguing. In addition to the mystery / romance there’s a wonderful spiritual message, because Logan, a strong Christian, gently nudges Erin, who is struggling with her faith, back into her belief system. I highly recommend reading this suspenseful book, which reminded me a bit of the Hallmark series Mystery Woman.

Readers Favorite gave it 4 Stars
Anne Patrick creates likable and believable characters in this romantic and suspenseful novel. Readers will easily identify and sympathize with Erin’s spiritual struggles and emotional dilemma. Their tender love story plucks at the readers’ heartstrings, and the author offers and provides the kind of resolution that satisfies. The author has an easy writing style that appeals to readers. She weaves the threads of the romantic suspense into the plot in an interesting, tantalizing way, leading to some surprising twists and turns in the story, and an ending that will provide lovers of romantic suspense and Christian fiction with all the delight they anticipate.