Well, it's nearly the end of the month long June Jubilee, and Bouncer and I have enjoyed telling you about our equine friends and showing you some pictures.

For a change it's been a pretty good June in the UK, with plenty of sunshine and not too blisteringly hot. The horses have been glad of their shelters so they can go into the shade and cool. Thank goodness for modern accessories and sprays, to keep our horses free from flies and the dreaded 'sweet itch', a condition where they horse is attacked by tiny midges which cause a horrible itchy rash, usually at the base of the mane and tail. Nowadays there are lightweight blankets and facemasks, that keep the horse cool and free from the insects that cause the problem, and also save a horse with sensitive skin from being bitten by flies and midges.

Harriin mask 3sml.jpg Luckily my horses don't suffer from 'sweet itch' but are very grateful for a dose of natural fly repellent and their face masks which keep the flies out of their eyes. If you see a horse that looks like it's got lightweight chainmail on, don't think it's owner's being cruel, they're actually making sure their horse is comfortable and fly free.
Fly Sheet.jpg

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Thanks for being with me this month and to those of you who commented on my Jubilee Day here. I hope you've found my little posts here interesting and please let me know if there's a subject concerning horses and their 'stable friends' that you'd like to chat about.