I am so excited my new release, Enemy Enchantress is out tomorrow from Eternal Press, and I know that Eternal Press is offering 15% off in conjunction with Coffee Time. I saw the ad on the home page of Coffee Time Romance.

I'll be chatting live tomorrow at the Eternal Press Chat Room at 7 p.m. Mountain Time or 8 p.m. EST (which is the Time Zone I'm in). I'll be giving away a copy of Enemy Enchantress there, so be sure to drop by.

The chat room is located here.

Here's the Blurb:

The war is over, but the battle has just begun. Aislinn knows the husband she wishes for is no more than a fantasy. Her discovery of a man to be hers brings no comfort, for a Centeris could never love her for what she is: Sidhe.

As she tries to hide her true self from the gentle warrior, death stalks her. The perpetrator behind a series of attacks wants more than to destroy the precarious peace—they want her powers.

To save her people, she must reveal herself and risk his love or leave him to face the challenge—alone.

You can read an excerpt here.

Also on my blog www.amyruttan.com/blog you can see my upcoming schedule of where I'll be hanging around the net.

This is book 1 in a series. Book 2 Sorceress from the Sea is coming out September 7, 2010 and Book 3 Healer of the Heart is coming out December 7, 2010. I'm still writing Book 4. Eep.