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    I love to knit. I wouldn't say I'm that good, but I have taken a few ribbons in the tri-county fair and everyone I know wears a scarf I've made. Any other scarf knitters out there?
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    My first knitting project was a scarf. We won't talk about the tension issue or messy stitches. LOL I recently completed a second scarf, one that looks much better, although I'm still not the greatest knitter. Scarves are a great project, however, since they're fairly quick and lend themselves to so many different stitch patterns. |
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    Scarves are the best. You can use any yarn you have left, any number of yarns at the same time, and even actual patterns. Since I took up actually writing for publication I gave up on knitting anything else, because I don't have enough brain power left for anything complicated and scarves are my friiends. Nice to talk to you!

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