Maybe it's because I write romance, but my local newspaper has never (and probably will never) respond whenever I send them a press release about my new releases. Least of all whenever my publisher announces one of my books to be a best seller. They'll print a big write-up about someone who self-publishes a book on local history, but so far nothing I've done (even when I was announced as WCPT's Author of the Year) is good enough for even a one-inch paragraph.

I had a book signing at Hastings yesterday that went fabulously, but I stopped counting how many times people asked where I was from (Ans: Here.), and why haven't they heard of me before? (Ans: It's not for lack of trying!)

Two people who came by worked for the public library system. When they asked if I'd thought about putting some of my books there, I told them I had tried, but no one's ever called back.

Is anyone else having problems getting any kind of local coverage?