The new novel is moving along well and I've made a few more decisions regarding: the hero, heroine, location and ghost.

We are bringing back, sort of, Nathan and Vanessa, (from No Turning Back) because I just can't let go of him yet. So, Nathan is the ghost in the abandoned lighthouse and will do his best to bring together his reincarnated counter parts so they can eventually realize who they are. The story is contemporary and you'll have to visit my website to find out more about where it takes place, along with a few other details about the story. I have a few links there to help get you in the mood for the story!

I hope I've peaked your interest just a little so that you continue to visit me and see what I'm up to. I'd really like to hear from you but though some of you are popping in, you're all too shy to leave me a note. Please don't be shy! I want to hear from you....does this story line start the intrigue?