Hi everyone,

I hope SJ and Tree won't mind my posting about what's going on with him right now. In a nutshell, SJ has been told that his pancreas isn't working at all anymore. Without a lifelong regimen of the proper medication, he doesn't have very long to live.

Unfortunately, the medication is frightfully expensive and he must start it right away or the muscle damage - including to his heart - may be irreversible. His friends and fellow authors on the Beyond the Veil blog are mounting an effort to help him get the medication he needs.

Until we can get other, long-term plans off the ground, we have set up a way for his friends and fans to donate via Paypal. Please, if you can help, even just a buck or two, it would be deeply appreciated.

The link is on our Dunvegas free anthology page. Scroll down and click the "Donate" button.

We on the BtV blog are not willing to let SJ go without a fight. We hope you'll join us.

Carolan Ivey