Hello everyone!

I'm in California till the 7th, so I figured I would start this now, and give you a day or two early to stew on whats written.

Glad Hollie is going in for her surgery, and don't worry, we will behave I think...

So anyway, I guess I'm going to start this off... and bear with me cuz I havent done this kinda round robin in ages... I figure Im going to do it almost purely. I'll give you the beginning but everything else is up to the players... So lets begin.

Reaper sat on the ledge of the stone balcony high above the street he was watching, his long duster flapping behind him in the turbulent winds that blew through the high rises in New York's Carnegie Hill district. His eyes searched the masses that walked along under him, their lives unhampered by proof of the paranormal. Humanity as a whole were oblivious to the hidden world, and, in Reapers opinion, were better off because of it.

He didn't relish assignments like this, where he had to pluck someone out of their lives and into a world that, for all they knew, only existed in movies and literature. But still when the Oracles deemed someone worthy, or found one of the lost tribes, or worse, another untrained oracle, someone had to fetch them and make them believe that what Hollywood was selling was true... to a point.

Normally he was sent after males, members of the lost tribes that had yet to tap into their power, or Humans who had discovered some latent abilities and the Oracles took notice. This time though, he was looking for a woman, Helen Stolz, and he wasn't happy about it. Women were normally the hardest to convince of their supernatural background, not to mention they were damn harder to break of their old lives.

He scanned once again, looking towards the right and into the park when he caught sight of a most unusual Aura signature. Most humans had flat colors, mixed together but those of other designation, well their aura's lit them up like glittery firecrackers.

he thought as he closed his eyes and willed himself to the park, just inside the copse of trees that hid a lovers bench in the Ramble. He emerged to see the sun filtering through the trees and a woman with an aura as bright as morning come round the corner.