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    "Glad you could finally make it, Reaper." A deep voice said as soon as they stepped inside, causing Helena to almost jump out of her own skin. She gripped Reaper's hand more firmly in hers, and he rubbed his thumb comfortingly across the inside of her wrist.

    "Yeah we made it but just barely." Reaper told whoever was hiding in the shadows.

    "What do you mean?"

    "A titan arrived, tried his usual intimidation tactics." Reaper said, shrugging. The titans intimidating ways were legendary among his kind. They were like drill sargeant assigned some new recruits. There to either make them or break them. "So we made a run for it before he could hurt one or both of us."

    "That's all you could do." The masculine voice said, still not revealing himself to their presence. "You're both better to us alive."

    "Yeah, and why is that?" Helena asked, finally finding her voice.

    "So the lady speaks." The Oracle stepped forward from the shadows, and Helena gasped in surprise. He was gorgeous. His skin was flawless, and wonderfully tanned, obviously from spending hours in the sun. Long black hair brushed his broad shoulders, all silky smooth and well groomed.

    "Who are you?" She couldn't help but ask.

    "I am Pyre. One of the Oracles."

    "Great. Nice to meet you." Helena said, breaking free of Reaper's grip before walking further into the room and producing her hand.

    "The pleasure is all mine." Pyre said with a purr as he enfolded her hand in his. He raised it to his lips, and laid a chaste kiss on the inside of her wrist.

    Helena shivered, she couldn't help it. It was nice for a change having two men vying for her attention.

    "That's enough Pyre." Reaper warned with a growl. Helena was his. "So, what are you doing here anyway?"

    "I'll be taking over your job as Helena's protector." Pyre said casually, baiting him.

    "Like hell you will."

    "It'll only be for a short time while you consult with the top dog."

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    "Top dog my ass, more like top bitch" said Reaper.

    A low warning growl came from Pyre before he said "She may be a bitch but you have no choice in this Reaper. If you don't flash to her, she will only come after you and then you'll be lucky if you make it out if the meeting intact."

    "Although I will enjoy the extra time it takes for you to recover because I will be explaining to Helena her destiny and 'helping' her to develope her powers." said Pyre.

    "Whoa, hold up there Pyre. I don't know how you knew who I was or how you could know what powers I DON'T HAVE" said Helena "But I'm not going anywhere with you, EVER and I'm not going anywhere with you Reaper till you start giving me some awnsers!"

    Reaper gave Pyre a smirk and thought to himself that this must really be burning Pyre's butt because no one, let alone a woman had ever been able to disobey an Oracle. She must really be extra special for the Titans to want to kill her.

    Helena broke him out of his daydream by saying "You got till the count of 5 to start talking or I'm WALKING!"
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    "Oh a feisty one." Pyre said with a laugh. "Looks like I'm going to have my hands full."

    Helena tossed him a spiteful glare, daring him to continue. Which unfortunately Pyre did. He couldn't help himself. Much rather preferring to be heard than just seen whenever he was amongst a throng of people, no matter how big or small. "And she's got the evil eye to boot. Which I bet more often than not has many men ducking for cover instead of facing the music when they've done something to piss her off."

    "Excuse me?" Helena asked, curious as to his opinion of her. Was Pyre correct? Were men afraid of her because they found her so intimidating?

    "I'm just saying you could tone down the attitude a little. You don't always have to be so tough."

    "But I can't help it, it's in my nature. Ever since I was a teenager and had to care for myself."

    "Since the death of your parents?" Pyre asked as he brushed a stray strand off her face and tucked it behind her ear.

    Helena's eyes widened in surprise. How did he know about her past? Was it possible he had other abilities besides precognition? Which was the only talent an Oracle possessed that Helena knew of.

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    "Oh, I see your past, your present, and your future my dear," Pyre said.

    Helen shivered in anticipation. "What is my future?"

    Pyre's lips twisted into a half-grimace, half-smile. "Actually, you'll be killed in about two minutes when the Titan comes through the door and Reaper is unable to save you." He sighed. "Terribly sorry, my love. But it was a pleasure to meet you."

    Shock didn't begin to describe her reaction. She watched, dumbfounded, a Reaper leaped forward and pushed Pyre away from her.

    "What? No!" Reaper howled. "I won't let that happen."

    Helen stood with her back to the door as Reaper's gaze locked with hers. She looked deeper into his eyes than she'd ever looked into anyone's before, and damn if something didn't begin to shift inside of her, some understanding struggling to break to the surface, or-

    The Titan crashed through the door behind her, obviously ignoring all "safe house" designations. But even the sound couldn't tear her away from the steady burn of Reaper's direct gaze. In that cauldron, she finally found what she'd been looking for all her life, and the honesty touched her soul.

    "You didn't know," she whispered.

    "Babe, it's not going to happen," he assured her.

    She watched in horror as left her side, pushing her into Pyre and faced the Titan alone. He would sacrifice himself for her, she knew, and the thought tore a scream from her lips.
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    Default ATTENTION Story Crafters

    I am peeking in

    This story line has gotten OFF topic. This is a paranormal romance not an erotic paranormal.

    Sex scenes have gotten this story WAY off track.

    I have asked Stella to please get this story line back on track.

    I am not trying to restrict your creative muse, but we do not need the sex scenes taking away from your creative story line.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, PM me. Thanks!
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    That scream caught the Titans attention. He turned his enormous head in her direction and of all things smiled. Reaper realizing this fight was going nowhere motioned to Pyre to flee.

    "Your pretty!" Boomed the Titan, the whole building shook.

    Reaper reached over to the motionless Helena and snatched up her hand. Pyre was staring dumbfounded.

    "No, I don't think we kill you." He turned his back and started to walk away, his large head swiveled back around. "I'll be back," His voice promised.

    "Oh that's just great, what does he want now?" Pyre rubbed his hands over his head.

    "You are so thick sometimes Pyre, he want's Helena, he probably sense her abilities." Reaper shook his head in exasperation.

    "Hello, right here. You don't need to talk over my head. God I hate it when men think they are superior." Helena turned on her heals and marched out the door, smack bang into the Titan.

    "I told you I'd be back." It boomed, the boiling clouds lurking low.

    Helena screamed as the Titan picked her up in his enormous arms and flew back into the clouds.

    Reaper made it outside just in time to see Helena vanishing into the purple pulsing clouds. A noise of anguish issued forth while Pyre looked on concern lining his face. This was not good!
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    Default Story picks up here...

    Helen blinked and blinked again and the entire scene changed.

    Reaper stood there in front of her, and they were nowhere near a safe house, there were no bruises and they were still standing in Central Park.

    What the hell? She thought as she started coughing and went to her knees.

    The man before her, the one she now knew as Reaper, went with her concern on his face.

    "Calm down... calm... what happened?" he said soothingly.

    Helen caught herself, and calmed as he said, relaxing her breathing. "What the hell just happened?"

    "I'm asking you the same thing. One second we were talking, then your eyes glazed over for like a minute, then you blinked and started coughing."

    did none of that just happen? "You are serious? We weren't running from some boiling clouds and we didn't meet some guy named Pyre?"

    Reaper frowned. "Sorry Dorothy, But uh, it was just you and I talking."

    "Reaper... Your name is Reaper right?"

    Reaper frowned again and the shook his head. "Well shit. I was hoping this wasn't going to happen so quickly before I had a chance to explain..."

    "I know... I know why your here and I know what you do... if that, vision or daydream was to be believed."

    "Oh I'm guessing it was an alternate reality there Helen... And that was an outcome of what this conversation could be. Normally they aren't that vivid from what I hear, but you are new and, well you know what they say about your first time..."

    "Shit." she coughed again.

    "What did you see?"

    "Um, a Titan? And they tried to kill us and laid some of this park to waste. Then some guy that's an Oracle who hit on me."

    Reaper frowned. "Well I don't know anything about Titans, but the Oracle is real, and who i was supposed to take you to."

    "No, she said... someone else."

    Reaper looked around them throwing out his senses to do some recon. Nothing remotely paranormal was about. He thought back to what he knew of a Crossroads Oracle, and sighed. Helen was prophesied to be one, and with that little vision she had, if he resolved to take her to Pyre, then he was sure all those things that had her so distressed would come to pass.

    No, he wasn't going to put her through that a second time, not with that look on her face. It would have to be Antria, Pyre wasn't safe for Helen.

    "Ok... well stand up. we gotta get going. I don't want whatever you saw to come to pass. We need to get you to Antria, shes another that can help."

    Helen nodded and got up on shaky legs and took a deep breath, steadying herself. "Fine. How far is it?"

    "Not far at all, well if we teleport, but we cant do that here. Porting another soul with my own take a fair amount of extra energy I don't have on a regular basis. We need to reach Cleopatra's Needle."

    Helen nodded. "Its not far off, across the park, right before 5th Ave."

    "Well lets go... we have to make it there soon, I don't trust being out in the open. though as it goes, I would think we are moderately safe now."


    "Now that we have deviated from the path."

    "Ok there's something I'm not getting here..."

    "NO doubt you saw your an oracle. What you don't know is the kind. You are a Crossroads Oracle, a goddess of Fate, dominion of fortunes and life paths. Think of yourself like a living, breathing pack of tarot cards."

    Helen walked with him, her long legs keeping up expertly. "Like the cards have two meanings you mean?"

    Reaper gave a slight nod. "You will always see both courses of action now, but unless its your own life you cannot influence the outcome of others. But you will know what is in store for them down each road."

    "Your kidding? Really?"

    Reaper Nodded. "Which is why we have to get you to Antria, and quickly. The longer the power is loose in the world without you controlling it, the more of a chance we all have of walking the wrong path..."

    Helen didn't like the sound of that. They walked in silence for a while, and Helen was happy they were at one of the shortest points across the park. She started to feel a static around her body, a crawling really. It had to be power, and she didn't wanna know what happened when it became too much for her to bear.
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    However, it didn't take her long to find out. The jolt that ricocheted through her body felt like she was being defibrillated, and doctors were shocking her chest to jump start her heart.

    "What's wrong?" Reaper asked, concerned, uncertain of what was happening to her. He gripped her round the waist, his arms a solid band of warmth that she hadn't felt in a long time. Too long if she thought about it.

    "I don't know. But whatever is happening, it's big." She said, relaxing into the comfort of his strong arms.

    Reaper inhaled, and her floral scent teased his nostrils. Her perfume was delicious, enamating most prominently at each side of her neck. Which he loved.

    Then without warning, he spun her around to face him, giving her a total head rush. "You're coming into your powers."

    "What?" Helena asked, shaking her head. "That's impossible. I don't have powers."

    "Yes you do, sweetheart." Reaper replied calmly, hoping to cool her turbulent state. "Just like your mother."

    "You knew my mother?"

    Reaper nodded, having known her mother, the air oracle. "Your mother was a very powerful woman capable of wielding all four elements in order to help keep her and her loved ones safe."

    "What about my dad?"

    Reaper shrugged. He'd never met her father, and knew only that the man was human. As Reaper began to answer, Helena asked another question, one he thought she most deserved a reply to.

    "So what happened to my birth mother? Is she alive today?"

    This time, Reaper shook his head regretfully. "No she's not alive. She died the day of your sixth birthday when she sacrificed herself for you."

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    Old memories flooded her brain. She was sporting a red and black tartan skirt, leggings and a long sleeved white shirt that clung to her like a second skin. It was a very cold winter, although snow hadn't fallen yet.

    There was a man, one as tall as the Titan they'd run from, who had approached her while she was running around the backyard of her adopted parents property chasing a small and very yappy dog.

    "Don't be afraid child," he said. "And I'll take you away to where you'll be treated like a princess."

    Although Helena knew she wasn't supposed to talk to strangers, she felt drawn to him. "Like Cinderella?"

    The man frowned. Did he have no knowledge of fairytales, Helena wondered. However, in the end, he answered, "Yes, just like that."

    As she stepped closer to his outstretched hand, a feminine voice shrieked, "Get away from her."

    "I will not. She is mine."

    Once the words left his mouth, all hell broke loose. In his strong hands, he held a trident. It was aimed directly at the beautiful lady. A lady who looked exactly like her with dark curls and light freckles dusting her nose. She was the epitome of beauty, reminding Helena of an angel.

    But before she could think anything more of it, a bolt of lightning streamed from the sharp tips of the trident, heading straight for the angel.

    "Nooooooo." Helena wailed while waving her hands in front of her. "Stop it. Don't hurt her."

    With those words, the lightning was redirected back towards the brute, though it didn't connect. Instead, he summoned another bolt, this time at Helena.

    She stood, frozen like a statue. She couldn't move. Her eyes widened in surprise, and her voice neglected her.

    Then before she knew it, the angel was in front of her. The golden bolt struck her hard in the chest, knocking them both to the ground.

    "Helena, snap out of it." Reaper said, shaking her shoulder hard.

    She groaned, and her head hurt as though she'd been hit with a sledgehammer.

    "Are you okay?" Reaper asked, concerned with her well-being.

    "Yes. No. I don't know." She was glad the memories no longer assaulted her mind, but she would have liked more time to see her mother. Even if it was only in the briefest of memories. "If the woman who saved me was my mother, she was beautiful. My own guardian angel."

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