FAITHLESS: Book One of the Alyce Kerr, Faith Healer Trilogy

Alyce Kerr is a celebrity Faith Healer. Her power comes from a binding with a demonic entity. Every time he gives her the power to heal, he sucks a little more of her soul into him.

But now her ex, Ross, is in town. He’s been watching from the shadows and Alyce is finding it harder to ignore him... even if he did try to kill her three years earlier.

Could Ross be the answer to ending her connection to the demon killing her inside?

Review Quotes:
" amazing story without any unnecessary fluff, conjuring up some fantastic visual images."
–The Horror Fiction Review

“A definite thriller from start to finish. This is a book not to miss!”
The Pen & Muse

“This is book one in the Alyce Kerr trilogy and I really enjoyed it Ms Sfetsos has laid the groundwork for what promises to be a great trilogy.”
–Swamp Dweller Book Reviews

“I found Faithless to be an easily addictive read, pulling the reader in right away.”
–Well-Read Reviews

"From Damnation Books, Yolanda Sfetsos’ erotic horror/fantasy is a fun little number…"