Numb6r of th6 B6ast

It’s not easy being the Antichrist...

All Luci wants this Valentine's Day is a date. So when her teenage crush, Damien, calls her out of the blue after so many years, she’s willing to see where things lead. But she doesn’t know that Damien belongs to a fanatical group who are convinced the Antichrist will rise this year.

Usually a bunch of whackos wouldn’t worry her. Not when her life is already full of them. Except, this bunch are convinced that she’s the Antichrist, and are determined to stop her rise.

But now that she's reunited with Damien, Luci's not going to let these crazy-robed men stop her from enjoying her first date in ages. She’s determined to have a good time... even if it kills her.

Genre: Urban Fantasy | Length: 30,364 words | Heat Rating: 3

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