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    Default A Much Younger Man


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    Thirty-three-year-old schoolteacher Kristen Tilden is like a lot of recently divorced women - trying to navigate the modern world of dating while struggling to be civil to her ex-husband and the high-society blonde who stole him, Victoria. Going dateless to their annual summer cocktail party sounds like a nightmare until she locks eyes with a gorgeous young man on the lawn. But when Victoria introduces him as her college age son Dylan, sparks fly that are soon blazing into an inferno of deception, scandal and lust.

    Kristen just wants one torrid summer of passion and privacy with her young lover. But Dylan wants her for good - and is intent on proving that he can be the man of her dreams, despite the age difference between them. When his mother and her ex-husband discover the affair, all hell breaks loose. Soon Kristin finds herself forced to choose between her professional reputation and her forbidden love … and in the process, makes some unsettling discoveries that will change her entire world.

    Warning: graphic sexual situations.
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