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I have some wonderful news! Some really great reviews since Where The Rain Came Out. If I posted the entire reviews here, you'd be reading all day. So let me post some snippets and where they came from. Read below at the end of this post!

And here's the link to my NEW video for Where The Rain Is Made. I fell in love with music taken from a Native American album called Sacred Spirit. It is haunting, but then so is the book. I hope you like it:


One more thing about WTRIM. The book has been nominated for so many wonderful awards, but one I'm particularly excited about. It's up for BEST BOOK OF THE MONTH here and I'm up against some very stiff competition. You have to vote before October 6th, so if you've read WTRIM and liked it, please vote here:


Now, on to some wonderful reviews:

I liked this Where the Rain Is Made very much. The historical aspects were interesting and provided a different viewpoint than our high school history books. I could picture the villages, the people, and Ethan's transformations from the descriptions. I highly recommend this story to all who entertain the possibility of time travel. Reviewed at Bitten by Books Paranormal Fiction Review Site –5 Stars

Ms. Diablo has created a tantalizing story in Where The Rain Is Made and I can’t wait to find out more about these characters. I hope that this is the first book in the series. HINT! HINT! If you’re looking for a heartfelt, compassionate, adventurous story that’s sensual, yet informative and eye opening in regards to the Cheyenne culture, then Where The Rain Is Made is the book to read. I will definitely recommend it to my friends. Rated 5 Ravens and a Recommended Read by The Blackraven!

While the story is ultimately about the relationship that develops between Cesca and Meko, the secondary characters are also wonderfully realized, believable and often provide a measure of levity and tenderness. My personal favorite was Brown Wing, Meko's foster mother. She also becomes a mentor and friend to the headstrong Cesca. Brown Wing is the epitome of wisdom, maturity and humor. The characters, their quirks and their humanity resonated with me and I was sorry to leave them behind me at the conclusion of the novel. I hope to see some of these characters again in future stories by this author. I highly recommend Where The Rain Is Made to all fans of historical, paranormal, romance fiction. It is undeniably enthralling! 5 Stars, Amazon Reader

I cringed, flinched, sighed and shed a tear. Any story that can do that has my vote all the way. Ms Diablo, yet again yet have given us, the readers, a story that just defies words. I look forward to seeing more from you in the future 9 out of ten stars - Seriously Reviewed

Where The Rain Is Made chosen as Book of the Month & Recommended Read here. Read the review & stop in please! http://tinyurl.com/264xfy2

5 Tea Cups and a Recommended Read!
I must applaud Keta Diablo for the research, time, and commitment she put into Where The Rain Is Made. At first I was overwhelmed by the terminology and names presented in the first chapter, but I am so glad I kept reading. The book takes a sharp turn once Meko and Cesca meet, and I was pulled into Keta Diablo’s world until the last page.