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A sexy stranger and a chilling ghost hunt equal one very erotic Halloween.

Halloween has always been Tara’s favorite holiday, but this fall it is getting just a little too spooky. First her brother’s paranormal investigation team turns up a ghost who seems to take a personal interest in her. Then the local haunted house is bought by a gorgeous stranger who’s even more mysterious than his resident spook. On top of her paranormal problems, her boyfriend’s seductive third cousin has shown up and is flirting with him in a way that is decidedly uncousinly.

Tara only wants two things – a promotion as a reporter and the departure of her boyfriend’s sexy cousin. She definitely doesn’t want anything to do with Justin Bremington, the aloof and handsome new bachelor in town, or the restless dead who haunt his property…. Or so she tells herself. But when she’s assigned to cover the story on the haunted mansion’s conversion into a gourmet restaurant, she finds herself falling under the spell of both Justin and his resident ghost.

Just one look into Justin’s intense amber gaze ignites a slow burn up Tara’s thighs. Sexy and secretive, he sometimes seems like the answer to her erotic fantasies… and at other times like a selfish cad only interested in her as a sexual toy. But Tara has other problems to worry about as the Halloween Masked Ball approaches. For outside forces both human and ghostly have secret plans for her – and after this Halloween, none of them will ever be the same.

Warning: graphic sexual situations, multiple partners.