I've just started a Goodreads group called Past The Print And Beyond where I will be promoting the interviews, contests, and new releases of authors I feature on my blog. I'd love if you'd join up and invite other to as well. Enter all the contests you want and read exciting new excerpts of books you'd like to check out.
*Remember, this is not a place where I will feature my work. This is solely for the promo of others!

Please join up. I and my future featured authors would greatly appreciate it!

These are the authors soon to be featured starting September 2010:

Tina Donahue
Monica Burns
Gabriella Edwards
Christy Trujillo
Cindy Spencer Tate
Chris Redding
Raine Delight
Icy Snow Blackstone
Lauren Frazer
Jewel Adams
Cate Masters
Suzanne Barrett
Jan Scarbrough
Giselle Renarde
Alan Nayes
Paige Tyler
and so many others....