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    Default Second Time Around


    the first book in the Spells of Seduction series

    An erotic reincarnation mystery from StarDust Press.

    Available here!

    ** In seeking the love of her life, she found the love of many lifetimes. **

    Tamora Blackwell wants what every young witch wants – a sexy soulmate who’s passionate about both the Craft and her. But when a love spell brings two gorgeous brothers into her life, Tamora is flooded with memories of the past life they shared in a painful love triangle – a European medieval life in which one condemned the other two to burn at the stake for witchcraft.

    The sexual attractions are fast and intense. But as Tamora struggles to understand the mysteries of reincarnation, she finds herself falling in love with one brother while falling in bed with the other. As temptation, jealousy and red-hot lust threaten to engulf all three, a shocking new tragedy settles the karmic debts between them – and teaches Tamora that true love never really dies.

    Warning: Multiple partners, graphic sexual situations.
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