My favorite thing to knit is socks. I love them all - the simple ones and the complicated ones, lace, cables, stripes, self-striping. (I guess, actually, that I'm not a fan of fair isle socks because I've had some bad washing experiences with them, but this too shall pass.) Socks have that perfect balance of needing my attention a little bit (for turning the heel and shaping the toe) but being grunt-knitting for the most part. That lets my imagination wander and my subconscious solve plot problems.

I just finished the first sock of a pair in a self-striping yarn called Step from Austermann, which has jojoba oil and aloe right in the wool. It's supposed to soften your feet for 40 washes of the socks.

I just liked the colourway. And hey, the stripes worked out perfectly for the socks to match!

What do you like to knit best?