Thought you readers might want to see a short excerpt from my Paranormal Young Adult book Haunted Destiny.

Enya shrieked again yanking and pulling to get away from the burning man. The scorching pain burned through to her very soul. He only held her
tighter to him and dragged them both to face the mirror. She was paralyzed with fear.
“Look at yourself, Enya. Are you proud now? You’ve killed your mother and brother and now you and I will spend eternity together forever in a fiery
“NO!” Enya turned her head from the horrifying site of her and her father standing in the middle of the room being swallowed by the crimson and
orange blaze.
He yanked her hair and twisted her head back to the mirror. Her prayers to the angels wouldn’t be answered tonight. “You know your end is ironic. I
bet you don’t even know what your name means in Gaelic. It means Fire! So watch, you witch,” he growled. “Watch while we burn.”
Enya did watch and what she saw in that mirror was more terrifying than the flames scorching her skin. Her father began to change. Boney protrusions
began piercing the skin on his forehead and the hands that held her formed into black hooves with sharp talons at the back. The talons pierced the skin in her arms keeping her anchored to his morphing body. His face, oh dear sweet Lord, his face formed into a twisted combination of goat and bull with jagged teeth. The last thing Enya experienced in her short innocent life was the sulfurous stench of his breath as he laughed his demonic laugh.

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