I have found people do the same horrible thing to potato salad as they do to the poor deviled egg. Please, keep the black olives, the pimiento and the chopped carrot out of the potato salad!
8-10 potatoes
1 1/2 cups of mayonnaise
1 tablespoon of regular white vinegar
3 eggs, hardboiled, cooled, peeled and sliced into rings
1/4 cup of chopped onion
2 tablespoons of dill pickle relish
2 1/2 tablespoons of spicy mustard
2 tablespoons of granulated sugar
1 teaspoon of dried dill
Boil the potatoes until tender. Cool and peel the potatoes.
Cut the cooled potatoes into manageable cubes and place in a large plastic or ceramic bowl. Mix the mayonnaise,vinegar, dill pickle relish, spicy mustard, onion, eggs,sugar and dried dill. Fold into the cubed potatoes and mix well.
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