I’ll let all of you in on a little secret….I love to eat! I’m a constant nosher and always have something around to snack on. Salami, cream cheese, bagels. AH, that’s where my eyes glaze over like Homer Simpson before a box of doughnuts. I love bread. Pumpernickel, brotchen, bagels, English muffins…oh, the list is endless. Who said I can only have one slice with margarine? I want BUTTER, real and decadently sweet cream butter.
Well, there’s a consequence to the bread and butter routine. The scales teeter and the jeans get a little bit tight around the waistline. I try to diet but I’m one of those horrible people that can go without a meal for 24 hours then, stand back—I can eat everything set before me and come back for that bowl of cereal right before bedtime.
I know I’m not alone but let me top it off.
My standard cereal bowl is a non-dairy topping bowl and if there is milk leftover when I am done, I have to top it off with more cereal. I simply figure I will wake up one morning and weigh 800 pounds because it has to eventually catch up to me.
Until that time, oh well.
When I first saw this at a dinner spread, I blanched. Who would be so cruel as to serve cottage cheese to a mess of
nacho loving, fried rice and bean addicts?
Trust me, give it a chance. Pair this up with your favorite tostadas and this dip will do a little samba in your mouth—

1 (24 ounce ) container of cottage cheese, it doesn’t matter what curd size
a sprig of Fresh cilantro, rinsed or substitute 2 teaspoons of parsley
5 Jalepeno peppers
1/2 small onion, finely diced
Salt and pepper to taste
2 ripe avocados
Mix the cottage cheese with the chopped cilantro or parsley. Remove the stems on the Jalepeno peppers and wash and dice the peppers. Add to the cottage cheese and cilantro mix. Peel, seed and cut the avocado into chunks.
Finely dice the small half of the onion. Add to the cottage cheese blend Season with salt and pepper. Mix well.
Cover and chill over night.
Serve with corn chips or tostadas.