The last couple of weeks, I've been working on my latest paranormal romance, as well as that historical romance I've told you about previously. Last night, I finished the first chapter and presented the book with a title, Tears of Blood. Tears of Blood will be the third installment in the Blood Chronicles, re-introducing a spicy young gentleman vampire from Blood Moon.
If you've read Blood Moon (and I do so hope you have!) Amado Gianni risks his undead life to save our heroine, Genevieve Carter from the clutches of a sinister mobster. Amado has a tale of his own...poignant and heartbreaking. Once the much adored bad-boy of Hollywood's silver screen in the 1920s, he meets the end of his human life at the sinister fangs of a vampire, Dorian. Dorian is the vampire I love to hate, handsome, charming, smooth, sophisticated, but oh-so-evil. Intent on bringing our charismatic Amado into the Covenant of the Damned, Dorian hunts our hero for the next century. I'll leave you hanging with that, but I will keep you posted as I continue to write the tale!
Somewhere between the writing, I have to imagine a cover design. Suggestions, darlings?
Once the darling bad boy of the silver screen, Amado Gianni had swept through Hollywood with his dark good looks and his sultry charm. One night, and a chance encounter with a dark soul, had taken everything from him. He was left a shadow in the modern world, in a constant battle of good and evil.
Elodia Deville was a lost soul, battling the inescapable odds that were mounting against her. Blind, with a human evil seeking to destroy her, she was unaware of her appeal to the world of the undead.
Fate would join them in a battle of survival, one that would lead to tears of blood.