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    Default Quilt

    Hi all
    I have my grandmother's quilt she made it all by hand.
    She sewed each piece of material together for the top of the quilt.

    I would watch her cut the material into a square shape. Which is a great memory for me.
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    Default quilting

    My mother just recently started teaching me how to quilt. I found an old Kenmore at the thrift store and I've been using it ever since. I took a ton of old drapery splotches and cut them to make a quilt design of my own. It took forever to make the top but I am finally done. Now we are going to work on putting the whole thing together. I look for old quilts all the time at yard sales and goodwill. I'm off to look at your quilts. Thanks for sharing!
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    Still haven't figured out what I'm doing wrong with the link, Karenne. The broken star quilt pictures are in the photo section of my blog

    The wonderful thing about quilting is that quilts don't have to be complicated to be beautiful. I can't tell you how much I LOVE to play with fabric. So many colors / patterns, so little time!

    Log cabin is a great pattern because there are so many combinations. I have a lovely christmas star quilt I made in a log cabin pattern. It was one of my first big projects.

    I have a pretty snazzy machine now, but it isn't a requirement. The first quilt I ever made was hand pieced. Slow but soothing. Then I inherited an old Kenmore machine from my mother which I used for a long time. Basic can be better, depending on what you want to do - I haven't mastered nearly all the features of my Bernina yet!
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    Default Jenyfer's Broken Star Quilts

    Not to worry! I am here to help!

    I smile because I have no idea what is going on.

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    Thanks, Karenne!!!!!
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    Default Love The Cathedral Window!

    My hat's off to you for finding time to both quilt and write. I have an Ohio Star almost finished, but it's been in the closet for a year or more. Maybe one day...
    Thanks for reading!
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    I think my strategy for writing and for quilting are similar - I can see the finished product in my head and then I make it happen, little bit by little bit

    My big plan is to make a quilt for every season - only have winter left to do. Give me enough time and I'll have one for each month!
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    Sorry I disappeared on you for a while but I was chained to my sewing machine churning out Christmas quilt blocks and autumn leaf quilt blocks which I will use to make table runners to sell in a local craft shop in the fall. Had to get them done because I leave on a two month "vacation" in a week!! Yikes! That's expat life for you though.
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