Hello all

Tonight (5th June) at midnight GMT (7pm EST) for as long as people
hang around *grins* will be a big chat party at

All authors are welcome and promo will be allowed but please note,
it's a big chat party so it won't be promo all the time. I'll also be
announcing the big opening review writing competiton so if you've got
any copies of ebooks or other prizes sendable by email to donate I'd
be forever grateul for them. Thanks to those who have contributed

All readers are of course welcome to come and chat with the authors and the ebook fans and of course you'll be the first to hear about the amazing competition we'll be runing over at sexyreads this month where you'll be able to win LOTS of author goodies.

If you need any help at all just email me at

victoria @ victoriablisse.co.uk (no spaces)

I'd love to see you all over there, I think it's gonna be fun.