Here's a taste of Captured In Lies - Book Two of the In Lies series. An excerpt from Chapter One

The sand squeezed up between his toes as he
walked along the beach. Jack looked over at his beautiful
wife Caroline and smiled. The turquoise blue Caribbean
Sea lapped gently over his feet as he took her hand. He
couldn't believe how lucky he was to have found Caroline.
She has become everything to me, he thought, my love
and my life.
He laughed as Caroline ran ahead of him,
splashing through the warm gentle waves. She turned
around, smiling, and waved at him. He waved back and
started to run after her. Catching her, Jack swung her
around and kissed her soundly. He wondered what it
would feel like to make love to her right here on the sand.
Caroline slipped away from him and went deeper
into the water, splashing him as she went. He heard a
noise that gave him pause. He turned away from her and
looked back over the gently rolling dunes trying to
identify the sound.
Gradually he became aware of a temperature shift
in the sand. He turned back to see Caroline, her face
filled with confusion as slowly the beautiful Caribbean
Sea began to change. The water disappeared, absorbed
by a coarse gravelly sand that burned the soles of their
feet. Caroline hopped from one foot to the other.
Jack knew this place. This was desert sand. Jack
felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up. He opened
his mouth to call for Caroline but she was already moving
toward him. Everything began to happen in slow motion.
He felt the rush of air very close to his ear and watched as

Caroline’s head swung to one side. Slowly, her eyes on
him, she dropped to her knees.
Then he heard it, the loud crack of a sniper’s rifle.
He watched, frozen in place. Caroline fell face forward,
blood pooling around her head then disappearing quickly
into the hot thirsty sand.
As if released by an invisible hand, Jack sprinted to
her side. No, No, No, Jack screamed in his head, tearing
off his shirt and pressing it on the spurting neck wound.
Not my Caroline, not my Baby, my bride.
Looking frantically around for the source of the
bullet, Jack saw a man standing just at the edge of the
horizon. Even from that distance Jack heard the voice say,
“Paybacks are hell, aren't they Jack?”