Okay, I am ready to admit that I’ve been sitting around the last few months waiting for paranormal romance author Shannon Bailey’s much anticipated book, The End of The Order. If you haven’t had a chance to read this stellar author’s magnificent gothic vampire romance novels (Forever David’s and Develyn’s Tale), you don’t know what you’re missing!
In Ms. Bailey’s previous novels, I wondered why David thought the way he did and why Develyn behaved in the manner that he did. Always, there had been hints to their past, little snippets that teased and titillated the senses. The End of The Order provides all those questions with an answer. In retrospect, I really couldn’t call The End of The Order the end. The paranormal romance novel was an eye-opening and heart touching opening to the beginning!
I had found that Develyn, in Forever David’s, was the vampire that I loved to hate. I could never quite place my finger on why I felt this way until Ms. Bailey released this novel. Develyn’s background is explained, and the reader is rewarded with a keen insight into the heart he struggles to keep hidden from the world. His brother, David, will always be the perfect darling—kind and loving. Emily? Ah, sweet Emily is the perfect heroine, desperate to make everything right in a dark world that is confusing and distorted with a sense of evil capable of destroying everything.
Overall, I LOVED this book. Ms. Bailey succeeds in pulling at the heart, bringing to light the horror of the damned vampire, Valaree Von Wahran. When I closed the last page, I felt a sense of fulfillment and wonder.
Please, Ms. Bailey, continue with your excellent writing and bring us a tale of Count Konrad!
A 5 Star!