Over the past month, I’ve received some interesting bits of emails from friends and fellow authors that has made me sit back and think. The question is always hesitantly put, when it shouldn’t be. I suppose we’re all in the same boat when it comes to an oddity that doesn’t quite fit into our surroundings.
In this case, I’m that oddity. Or, rather, my name is the one that is tying people up with questions.
Just how do you pronounce it?
This question I have endured throughout my lifetime. Even in the Southwest, my name has been mutilated to the point I have to wince! LOL
I decided to help you all out today–my first name is very simple. No, it’s not tamale, tamala, or the likes. It’s just plain simple Pamela with a T.
The last name looks harder than what it really is, trust me. Quijas is pronounced Key-Hoss.
Now that the subject is cleared up, keep those questions coming, my dears. I love to hear from each and every one of you!
BTW–Rambling Roses, Purple Prose and other Asinine Alliteration/Confessions of a Sanguine Mind has an interview with me. Stop on by and say hi at http://writertracy.livejournal.com/178176.html.