Please scan and download the attachment for this lesson.

Ok, before you all break out the psychology books and diagnose me as an OCDC neat freak let me explain. I work on computers all day and then come home and do it all evening. I've done this for years, and sadly it's resulted in carpal tunnel syndrome. Translated, it means mouse/click avoidance to reduce pain is the modus operandi around here.

I'm not about to give up writing or doing the other things online that I love, so I have had to find more efficient ways to do them. One of those is having everything at my fingertips (literally) and being able to lay my hands on a file instantly. FYI - in case you're wondering, nooooo the rest of my house does *not* look this neat!

The image is fairly self-explanatory, so I'll let it do the teaching for a bit. Any questions?

for those curious: I make these screenshots using a cool little program called SnagIt. Cheap, and useful as all get out when you're a webmaster!