Hi all,

Two new reviews graced my in box this weekend. The first one is for my parnanormal romance, Wicked Redemption:

Wicked Redemption is a fantastic read. I could feel the sadness in Maggie's voice when she mentioned not speaking to her parents in a long time. This is an incredible story that once I started, couldn't put down. I was hooked immediately from the start. Nancy Henderson creates such spark and finesse in her stories, and Wicked Redemption is no exception. The stirring romance between Maggie and Cole is wonderfully spun where this reader could share in all their emotions and desires. I loved the visualization of Cole when he was following Maggie, and instantly by her side in most everything; not to mention when he was there when she went to the elderly people's homes. This story is so genuine that it takes hold of the heart and brings an elated smile. An impressive read; I will never forget Maggie or Cole.

The next is for my historical romance, Stranger In His Bed:

Stranger in His Bed is a wonderful story with players that know how to bring on the expressions immensely. Tortured souls, with honest sensations that blossom so meaningful for Cat and Angus, I found myself immediately caught up in their actions. I was spellbound by this romance between entirely diverse persons who, in their hearts, know the true meaning of love. The little names that Angus would consider calling Cat were so adorable, I couldn't help but smile. Each time I wanted to stop, the pages pulled me in until I was consumed with the story. Falling in love couldn't be more beautiful, the way Nancy Henderson permits Cat and Angus to find that magnetism just by a simple touch, a single word, and direct contact. These scenes are all so creatively done, that this reader was able to visualize this beautiful story and all the lovely details.

~ Nancy