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    Default 2nd Prize...

    Wow! I'm starting to wonder if anyone wants to win a free book it's sooooo quiet here tonight! LOL

    Okay for a copy of Mating Season Anthology with my story No Place to run answer the following question:

    Just from reading the excerpts, what do you think the alien's agenda is?

    Whoever has the best answer by midnight tonight August 14th wins!

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    I hadn't noticed until now that you're from Seattle, Regina... we're neighbors! Those are some really good excerpts - btw.

    Well it sounded like in excerpt #3 the aliens agenda was to get Angel pregnant with their 'special baby' because she's special herself. I felt bad for her in that particular excerpt because it seemed no matter how hard she tried, there was no stopping them from what they would do to her and to think she had already been through it before, so now she knows what to expect.

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