Hi Everyone,

I figured this would be a good time to let you all know I'm looking for 2 beta readers. These are readers that will read over my manuscripts before publication to make sure I haven't shall we say called a character by the wrong name, or left a thread hanging that needed to be answered to make the book its best. That kind of thing. Beta readers don't edit for grammar or punctuation but if you see anything glaring, then by all means let me know!

So, what do you have to do?

1. Be willing to read the book and get back to me within 2 weeks with an e-mail with feedback as listed above.
2. Be willing to read all genres of romance including GLBT romance, and menage romance.
3. Sign something agreeing that you won't distribute the books you are given either before or after publication. I hate having to do this but there is so much e-book pirating going on these days that it just can't be avoided.

That's it! In return you'll receive a copy of the final version of the books that you helped make better. :-)

If this sounds like something you might like to do, then e-mail me at tiwatz@yahoo.com and tell me why you think you'd make a great beta reader! Oh, and be sure and put "Beta Reader Application" in the subject line.