Come check out the review from Night Owl Romance for the urban fantasy romance, The Willow - The Magical Sword Book One.

4 1/2 stars!!!

The Willow was an amazing read. I really loved it. Once I started the book I didn't stop. The characters and action are awesome. There is always something going on and plenty of twists that are unexpected.The major supernatural players are in this story. You have the shape shifters (mostly werewolves), vampires, and witches.

Nexi is a complex, genuine character. She has a hard life and is trying to adjust to a whole new world. She does fine and her attraction and relationship with Kydan helps. Nexi has a great personality that makes the men in her life take notice because of her differences to everybody else. She is straight forward with everyone, including the council. In a way this story is of self-discovery because Nexi finally feels complete and normal, for the most part. I can't wait for the next installment in the Nexi Jones's story.

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