Here's our favorite couple again. And talk about the mile high club. Just what is it like to make love in a almost zero gravity....

“Tomas! Well, I should really call you Taylah now.”
Seeing his jaw drop and the heat in his gaze when he looked at her told her she’d got the sexy but cute and brazen look just right. She felt herself moisten as a wave of want trembled through her.

“Are those for me?” She gently nudged him out of his daze.
He closed his mouth and stared dumbly at the flowers for a moment, then smiled and looked at her.


“Come on in.” Yumi felt flushed with victory as she swung herself to one side and Taylah stepped into the living room. Her plans to literally sweep him off his feet were working.
“Erh, your injuries?” he asked. Yumi was touched by his concern, and the fact that he’d been by the medroom at least once each day while she was stuck in there. He’d actually visited more than her father.

“I’m healed nicely thank you.” Longing for a kiss she reached down to him and he passed the gifts over to her. She laughed, pushing the wine and the chocolates to one side and letting them hover and drift away. She smelled the roses, their scent was heavenly, before sending them on their way too. “Pull me closer, silly.”

His touch as he held her sent thrilling goose bumps trilling through her skin. He nervously glanced at the doors leading to the rest of the quarters. “Your father…?”

So that was it. Yumi felt relieved now she understood his hesitancy. He must be very preoccupied to have forgotten the big news of the week.

“Where have you been living lately, Taylah Valero,” she teased, pulling herself down to kiss him. He looked cute upside down but the kiss, the kiss left her hungry. She grabbed hold of him, fighting the urge to lose herself in his taste. “He’s with Prefect Joshe up on the Fiver negotiating with the Federation. It’s all over the newsvids. We are completely alone for a week. And I’ve always wanted to make love in micro-g.” The image of doing just that spiked a sharp tremor running from her sex and through her breasts. “So why don’t you come and join me?”

Taylah’s ferocious kiss took her by surprise. A delightful, absolutely wonderful surprise. Matching his demands, tongue for tongue, nibble for nibble, she stroked her hands over his chest, back and arms, loving the sensation of his hardened muscles beneath the form-fitting clothes. Breathless, she gasped as he opened the front of her kimono and slid his hands up and down her sides and stomach, then felt them return to circle and hold her breasts. His fingers and thumb startled the pink jewels of her nipples to life with a soft, persistent squeezing.
God, it was good. Almost as good as her fantasies.

“The boots.” She took deep draughts of his heated skin with her tongue and mouth. “Take off the boots. Come float with me.”

He gave a heavy grunt and gently pushed her away, positioning her so she hung motionless in the center of the room too far from any handhold to give herself motion. She was effectively helpless beneath his gaze, which raked over her hungrily and devoured her. The sensations made her so giddy with pleasure she felt like laughing and crying. Her whole body glowed with intense anticipation.

“Take off the kimono,” he ordered, catching one of the free-floating roses. “I want to see you.”

Fumbling, she tried to obey as she struggled with the simple sealing pips. Mercifully, the silk parted at the seams. The fabric still hovered around her body and she reached down to pull it away.

“Don’t.” She stopped. Taylah’s voice was heavy. He was close to losing his control. Closer, perhaps, than she. “Close your eyes. Keep them closed.”

Trembling, Yumi did as she was told. She heard the hard click of magnetic boots on ferrostone as he stepped closer, then whimpered with need as she felt the whisper of silk against her skin as he pulled the scraps away, one at a time.

“What’s this?” Something soft traced the self-sealing belt she’d fastened around her waist. The touch arched around her butt cheeks, then swooped down to leave trails of fire around her breasts.

“Research.” Yumi felt herself blushing, trying to force her body into the soft touch and aching for more. “Apparently doing it in micro-g tends to make you drift apart…ah!”

His touch had traveled a delicious path up and down each of her legs, and now gently parted the lips of her mound. Too soft to satisfy, the sensations were still intense enough to make her buck and hold her breath in exquisite anticipation. Briefly she opened her eyes, discovered that his weapon of torture was one of the beautiful red roses.
Taylah dragged the soft petals from her sex, around her nipples and then under her chin and across her lips. Everywhere he touched left another band of hypersensitive skin begging for more.

“No peeking, Miss Research.” He bopped the rose gently against her nose. The delicate rose scent, undisturbed by the lack of gravity, hovered around her face without dispersing and added to the pageant of pleasure he was drawing her into.

“Okay.” Beathlessly, she agreed, closing her eyes again. He was slowly overloading her senses with one delight after another, too much for her to contain herself. “But please, I can’t…”

The squeal couldn’t have been hers, she was too immersed in the fiery touch of Taylah’s mouth as it settled over her breast. His tongue and teeth, licking and nibbling as his hands slid over her skin exploring every inch of her. Yumi started bucking and writhing. Unable to hold back any longer she grabbed hold of him, needing something solid and substantial to grasp.

Then his mouth moved higher, his kisses laying a trail up around her tummy, across her abdomen. When his mouth settled on her mound and his tongue rasped against her clit it felt like an electric bolt shot through her. She pressed herself hard against him, greedy for more. Yumi opened her eyes and fumbled helplessly at his clothes. As she tried to get the offending articles off him, the pressure in her sex mounted with every slow lick.

“Taylah, I’m…!”

The burst of orgasm blinded her. Yumi screamed, arching ber back, overcome by Taylah’s relentless attack. Only when her body was too weak to move and the pleasure was so intense it had almost become pain did he stop. They hung, suspended, as Yumi slowly came back to her senses. Her body alternated between total satiation, then as Taylah stroked her back and legs with long lazy sweeps, she wanting more.