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    Yeah Dante I Excerpt III *Adult Rated*

    Yumi and Taylah finally get some time alone...

    “And I tell you again, Captain,” Yumi spoke calmly with the tone of one who wasn’t going to be denied. “If, as you say, we need to leave two people up here until all the civilians are safely lowered to Sixteen and taken to secure quarters, then Tomas and I are the most logical choices. His battle experience alone is far more than all of the Bolgër combined. And if anyone is going to give the authority to blow open half the colony to space dust, then I, being Prefect-in-situ, am the highest ranking present and therefore most suited to make the decision.”

    “But, ma’am—” Willard began.

    “Tomas and I will remain here to ensure the Seps haven’t tracked us.” Yumi stared at him for a moment, fixing her gaze on his erection. Her eyes burned with a fire as bright as Dante. Damn, he must be showing his arousal far more than he wanted. Unfortunately that knowledge simply made the offending appendage bigger and harder. Yumi was his fate, and far more certain than death at this point in time. “Don’t you think that makes much more sense, Tomas?”

    “Yes,” Taylah choked, and then cleared his throat. “If anything should go wrong I believe I’d be much more effective at avoiding, delaying and hindering the Seps than any of your people.” Not to mention this would give him and Yumi a glorious thirty minutes or so of privacy. Going by Yumi’s body language they’d need every minute of it.

    “But, but Commander Mossiron—”

    “—will deal.” Yumi stalled the comment kindly but firmly. “Now, go finish what you started, Captain.” Yumi smiled in encouragement. “You and your men risked your lives to save those condemned to Centimation. Go with them now and make sure they get to safety—the escapees are your responsibility.”

    Willard paused, mouth open for a second. Taylah knew he was working through Yumi’s statement in his mind. When the captain closed his mouth, the young soldier’s face had also taken on a calmer look. In spite of appearances, getting the civilians home was still a high priority task.

    “You’re right, ma’am,” he agreed. “Though I’m worried about leaving you here, the civilians are my responsibility. Once we’ve returned them to safe quarters my men and I will come back. You may need us by then.”

    Giving Yumi no time to respond Willard saluted then turned, issuing last orders to his men before herding the last few stragglers and lifting pads onto the elevator. A few quick words into his comset and the elevator began its slow way down the shaft.


    When the passengers were out of sight Yumi turned to look at Taylah, licked her lips and studied the massive erection straining against his pants. He felt a burst of lust so strong he couldn’t breathe, think or see anything other than Yumi’s fierce gaze.

    “So,” she whispered, unsealing her top and pants in one swift movement. The soft fabric piled on the floor around her. She began to stroke herself in a way that was far too erotic to be legal. “With all your experience and training were you ever taught how to use that ferocious-looking weapon?”

    Taylah’s thoughts turned to mush. All he could focus on was Yumi writhing in a sexual show that revealed how little she could hold herself back. Mesmerized, he watched the way her hands slid under her breasts, making her nipples stand out through the fabric of her bra. Then she slid her hands down her sides, as if she were an ancient offering to sate a hungry god. Finally her thumbs caught in the top of her panties and teased them down slowly to reveal the silky red curls he’d savored once already, yet needed again and again.

    Struck with a tidal wave of crashing desire, Taylah finally lost control. He no longer cared if anyone saw, heard or even tried to attack. He wanted Yumi like he’d never wanted anyone before. And the teasing little soubrette was still half-dressed, making his erection so hard and squashed inside his pants that it was killing him. He snapped his cesium-steel knife out of the sheath hidden beneath his shirt and leaped toward Yumi. The cause of his frustration had to die—before he did.
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