Hi Everyone,

Sorry to be away for so long, I should have got back in touch with you all sooner but I kinda hid under the bedcovers for a while and it took Bubble and Squeak several weeks worth of leaping on me tooth and claw to get me to clamber out again.

Overall, first I'd like to thank you all for your generosity in helping me get to this stage.

What is happening to me? I really don't know for certain. I've been on the enzyme replacements now for over a month. I do have days where I feel like I have a ton more energy than I've had for a long time. But I also have a constant burning ache in all my muscles--arms, legs and heart. Sometimes, especially late at night, this becomes almost unbearable.

So I have no idea how effective this medicine is or not. I just have to keep trying and see what happens. The hardest part is keeping up a correct diet. Eating food which is minimal fat, minimal carbohydrate, minimal sugar and high protein doesn't leave me with too many options and salads are getting rather boring. I'm also tired of beef jerky.

Over all though I think things are much more promising. I have 14 months supply of pills. And this gives me 14 months of trying to figure out some way of getting a much more secure supply of medications.


I'm trying to get back into the swing of things re: writing and internet wise. I still tire out very quickly, especially with the demands of my crazy employers, so I apologize in advance for things not getting done when they should.

But I have been able to write some and get some exciting things done though I do need to promote and get some work done in persuading a few more folks to buy Dante I. Just remember--buy the book or I'll send some friends around to interview you with half a brick...

I've got a rough draft of Atlantis IV finished and I'm looking for Beta's for that, and I've started the last in the series--Olympus X. Which is pretty amazing for me.

MOMS. is getting close to being finished, along with the first Valencius novel. Space Burps II is one tenth written and my brain is about to explode from all the baby gunk I've had to learn to do it.

Tree and I had a wonderful time at our nephew's wedding and I hope to be able to cover some of that in the new style newsletter I'm currently trying to hammer out.

There are still a few folks who haven't had their prizes from week four of the spring showers. Darn health issues kept me from finishing them off earlier and I'm attempting to clear those up now.

So if any of you have questions, comments, or just wanna slap me around a bit, feel free to come and bump me whenever you like. I'm normally around between midnight and 4am. Sleep isn't a neccessary commodity, it's just something that happens now and then. Besides facebook games demand that I attend them on a 24 hour basis. So you may have to queue after Frontiersville, The Settlers, Castle and Co. and about twelve dozen others....

It's good to be back and playing amongst you again. It's been hard, it's been very hard. But I don't think you all want to hear about our private lives...

So catchya all later.

Oh, and don't forget to peek in and see how Dynamic Drake did on his first mission. Our intrepid agent come marital aids salesman really got stuck into his work...