I've just finished edits for my latest book, The Prince's Knight. The release date is set for Sept. 1st.


Becoming the prince’s bodyguard was supposed to be easy. No one warned him to guard his heart...

After receiving a crippling injury, Sir Aric finds himself reassigned to the crown prince’s royal guard. He thinks it will be an easy job, but Prince Matthew turns out to be a spoiled brat, too used to getting his own way. Within the first week, the prince disappears and almost gets himself killed in his desire to be a part of the ongoing war effort at the southern edge of the kingdom. Matthew’s brief taste of battle is more than enough, making him ready to settle down and attend to matters of state. Marriage tops the list of those, but in the meantime, Matthew and Aric find themselves drawn together by irresistible forces. Until Matthew’s chosen bride arrives.

The cover art is also finalized:

Content Warning: features m/m and m/m/f scenes, and also contains some violence
Genre: Fantasy erotic romance