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    Default Creating a Review Request

    If you write a book, the first thing you want someone to do is read it. The next thing is to review it.

    Most reviewers want the same kind of information. Title, author, genre, price, etc. Make a review request for each book as it comes along, and you'll have a handy document you can copy and paste into email.

    Here's what to include in the master document:

    Heat rating:
    Cover artist:
    Link to buy:
    Link to cover:
    Link to excerpt:
    Anything unusual or unique:
    Remember to change it up a little when you write it. I always use the titles with : at the top part, then for the tag and blurb, omit those and simply put the text. For the anything unusual or unique part, I mention if it's a prequel/sequel, part of a series, or has strong erotic content. I write for the Molten Silver line of Liquid Silver Books, and they require content warnings, so I include those here.

    Pay attention to what each review site wants. Some may want only two or three things, some may want more than you have on hand. Also, be sure to offer whatever format of book they are reading, especially if you have more than pdf on hand. Your publisher should provide you with the ISBN and a copy for reviews. If not, ask for them.


    Here's a sample (for my current release, Alitus).

    Title: Alitus (Tales of the Chosen)
    Author: Kayelle Allen
    Genre: Erotic Science Fiction Romance
    ISBN: 1-59578-323-7
    Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
    Heat rating: R
    Pages: 125
    Cost: $5.95
    Cover artist: Laura Givens
    Published date: March 2007
    Buy link:
    Cover & Excerpt link:

    Tales of the Chosen

    Passion. Addiction. Loyalty. Will true love bare its heart forever?

    Alitus Vivaldi is a Better, an enhanced human bred for intelligence, discipline, and responsiveness. His combined talents in bed and politics take him from the Conqueror's favorite pleasure slave to her personal assistant. He quickly learns the way to her heart is passion, love, and loyalty. When the empire's political upheaval begins to nibble at her iron fist of control, the Conqueror must strip her favorite of his freedom and rights. To help the Conqueror accomplish her secret agenda, Alitus forsakes his identity and pride, and surrenders himself to his darkest fears. But will what he becomes save the Tarthian Empire and its Conqueror, or rock them both to their crumbling core?

    Content: Graphic sex, light bondage, F/F/M menage, M/M sex, male submission, multiple partners, voyeurism, and some damn fine sex in a sleek flying limousine...

    This book is a sequel to For Women Only, and Wulf, and the second of a series about the Chosen, a secret society in the Tarthian Empire.
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