Hi Angels.

Believe it or not the first 3000 words to this new adventure have been written. But one thing is missing.

Which of you lovely heros or heroines is going to be the star of the first novel?

I did think about having my favorite pussies choose from amongst you. But Bubble, Squeak and Max decided they'd rather devour the roast lamb instead.

So. I've decided that nothing short of a Poll will work for us this time.

I need all angels to devise a short paragraph of no more than 1000 words explaining why they should have pole position in this breakout novel. I'll then post these online and link them to a poll for our favorite readers to vote in.

What say you guys? Are you up for the challenge. (PS be as whacky as you like, this book is meant to be fun. So have fun )

Let me know what you all think about this idea. If it doesn't work i guess I'm gonna have to resort to the old fashioned vibrator racing....

Now that really isn't fun at all.