Hi Everyone. I thought I would get the ball rolling on our story tonight since I won't be around very early in the morning tomorrow. This is a werewolf story, and I've written the start along the same lines of my Wulf's Den and Roxie's Protectors werewolf series at Liquid Silver Books.

It hit Dylan, hard—the mating urge. Just one good whiff of Ella’s scent and he knew she was his mate. It happened to every male werewolf at some point in his long-lived life. He’d cross a woman’s path, then wham, it would sink its claws into him.

Drawing in another deep breath, Dylan’s cock went rock-hard. The mating urge would ride him until he made Ella his. He craved her touch, craved the joining of their souls that would happen the first time he made love to her. And when he slept, he’d have the most erotic dreams about her until he did. All those things would just drive his mating urge higher until all he would be able to think about would be her.

The only problem—Ella was a mortal and had no clue werewolves existed.