DIEGO: The release date has been pushed up to SEPTEMBER 16!

This exciting full-length sequel to Finn and Finn's Christmas has old friends and new, lots of magic mayhem and, of course, white-hot pooka nookie.

In honor of the early launch - I'm giving away a signed paperback copy of Finn on Goodreads. Easiest kind of contest ever, just click the button to enter!

We'll have the cover ready for you in the next couple of days - Missy's working hard to get it finished on time and, oh, my, I love the mock ups so far!

Don't have your copy of Finn and Finn's Christmas yet? Don't want to wait to see if you've won the giveaway? Today would be the day to pick up your copies at Red Rose Publishing's Labor Day Sale!

50% off on e-books published before 2010 and 20% off print! Get your copy of Finn for 2.50 and Finn's Christmas for a buck - what a steal!

Angel Martinez - Erotic Fiction for the Hungry Mind
Diego - Releasing September 16th!

Finn, Finn's Christmas and Aftermath - Available NOW from Red Rose!
Lioness on the Knife - Available NOW from Red Rose

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