I don't know how many of you know the history of the PIACT Undercover Agent Series. The first book. Cyberius III was written in response to a challenge where a lady reader told me that men would never be able to write an erotic romance because they just didn't understand what women wanted.

Anyway so I wrote Cyberius III because of that and for want of something better to do submitted it to the premier erotica publisher of the time... Ellora's cave.

After six months of no response from Ellora's cave I put the first chapters up on the Romance Junkies contest page specifically designed to bring new works and authors to the attention of epublishers. And within three weeks I had a contract with New Concepts for Cyberius III.

Having still not heard from Ellora's cave I had to assume they weren't really interested (since their stated response time was three months and this was pretty much ten months on by now) So I had to write an email withdrawing Cyberius III from their consideration and moving on.

Cyberius III was published, then Poseidon VII and my latest this year Dante I both of which were published by Samhain.

Apparently, just recently, some voices over at Ellora's cave have made my novels known to editors there. And I've been asked if I'd like to submit a novel to Ellora's cave. No gaurantee of acceptance but well, being asked to submit to a publisher is kind of unusual.

So I've been thrashing away for the last three days on this little piece. It's still in the first draft. Has tons of errors and mistakes. But is a very different style from my Undercover Agent series.

So, nervous as anything I'm wondering if it will be good enough to submit to Ellora's cave.

I've attached a little piece of the beginning below. Do you guys think this is the way to go, or should I go back to serious and sensible thrills and spills?

Oh boy! And all this while the power is down at the house and we have no internet at home so I'm stuck here living it up at McDonald's and stealing time on their free internet...

The Narcissus Complex.

“Put it back!” Tricia hissed hoping only Joy could hear.

“Oh, come on, Tricia.” Joy whispered back, dangling the unmistakably phallic key card before her. It was a standard key tag for a male chastity belt and according to their briefing took at least a week to duplicate. “Look at it this way. We’re helping the suffragents by making the tool safe from his sarine’s unwanted advances.”

Tricia could see the bedroom scene in her mind’s eye. The sarine who was the man’s female owner--even though men, the tools, weren’t technically slaves they were practically the same thing on this colony. After spending three hours bringing his sarine close to climax the tool would have this irremovable solid block of leather/wood/precious metal--depending on how rich the sarine was--encasing his now rock-hard erection and praying the sarine would order him to have sex with her since he was now dying for some form of release.

Then the sarine would give the blessed command to finish her off with penetration and search for his chastity belt key tag.


No key tag. No way to remove the chastity belt from the tool for a whole week.

Not to be frustrated the sarine sends the tool away to find someone that she does have the key tag for so he can finish her off. The first tool goes away tormented and horny as hell and not even able to get in a quick hand job because the chastity belt is designed to let no one touch his cock while it’s in position. Especially him.

The only one in this scenario who would ultimately get hurt is the poor, unsuspecting tool.

Joy must have seen this story play out in Tricia’s face as she pulled a contrite pout and replaced the key tag before the woman even noticed it missing.

Thankfully none of the others on the commuter metro had seen Joy’s theft either. But then Joy was very good at it. She'd been a professional thief for several decades before PIACT had been able to track her down--and offer her a job.