Hero comes from a wealthy family, and from the outside, it seems like everything was handed to him on a silver platter, but in reality, he does work hard to get to where he is in business. His family made their money on Wall Street, he went the other way in life, so he's had to use his business savvy to climb the ladder.

Heroine comes from a poor background (Welfare) and although she keeps that a secret, she comes off more of a snob than he does. It's her way of protecting her privacy. She's in a male dominated industry, so she has to work a lot harder (or so she thinks) to get ahead in the business.

Because the rich kids made fun of her when she was young, living in a trailer, she has a distaste for people who were priviledged and for men in particular, because her father bailed on her mother and they had to fend for themselves.

The business: Children Software Toy company that develops educational toys and the CEO of the company is very family oriented and expects his staff to have impeccible reputations as they are an international high profile company.

Both Chase and Charlotte are vying for the VP position in the company.

Presently, they are both Directors, equal in position.