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    Charlotte saw a big man lingering in the shadows directly behind Devin. "Hey, who's..."

    But Chase squeezed her hand, silencing her.

    "You two are so stupid. This was so easy. I could have taken you both out at any time but that would've been no fun. I don't really want to kill you Charlotte, I wanted to..."

    But Devin was stopped in mid-sentence by a thump on the head. A guy at least six foot five, stepped out of the shadows.

    "How's that boss?"

    "Very good, Bruno. Very good. Now call the cops and escort him out of here. I'm taking the little lady here back to my place."

    "Sure thing boss."

    Charlotte stuttered and stammered, "What? What was that all about? What just happened?"

    Chase pointed to Devin, "He's been following me around for a couple of weeks. I didn't know why until now. He wanted to get to me by harming you. I'm still not sure why. But that's okay. I'll let the police figure it out."


    "No, buts. We're going home."


    "Yes, we're going home." He hugged her to his side and took her to his hidden red convertible. Driving off into the sunset and a new life together.
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