This should have been added to the SWOT chart lesson. I was going to post it mid-week, but life interfered, so here it is now. I hope it helps!

So you know where you are with your writing and you know where you want to be. There are forces that push you forward and there are forces that hold you back. Consciously analyzing these forces (and then manipulating them to achieve your goals) is Force Field Analysis. The forces that push you forward might come from the Strengths/Opportunities columns of the SWOT chart. The forces that pull you back might come from the Weaknesses/Threats columns. Your job is to neutralize as many of the forces that hold you back as possible, and add as many forward pushing forces as possible so you can move toward your goal.

I couldn't post the following chart in the right format, no matter what I tried to do with it. But I think you'll be able to see how it's supposed to be used. And you can make your own Force Field Analysis any way you want it, anyway, don't have to follow the example. :-)

Forces pushing you forward

Forces holding you back

are here

Where You
Want to be